Banff Book Discussion Weekend 2023

Facilitator’s Information Page

Facilitating a Discussion Group

We make facilitating easy! We even give you the questions to help with the discussion.

  • A facilitator guides the discussion – you are not required to lead the discussion
  • Facilitators are provided with a number of questions, from the BBDW society discussion coordinator, which can be used to help with the discussion.
  • The facilitator does not have to be an expert and is not required to present a lecture on the book.
    In each group there will be members of the board to help move the discussion along – if required. It is not often that discussions need help, as participants are eager to contribute and the books have been selected because they are worthy of discussion.
  • Each discussion group requires a facilitator, which means we will need about 20 facilitators during the weekend. If you think that you can help with this please indicate on the registration form or complete the form below.
  • Discussion questions will be emailed to you prior to the weekend and there will be a hard copy available at the weekend.
  • Remember ! You don’t have to be an expert on the book or author to facilitate the discussion
Facilitator’s Form