Banff Book Discussion Weekend 2023

 Banff Book Discussion Weekend’s Historical Book List 1961 – 2022

NB!  The Authors in red/bold and with an asterisk beside their name indicates that they were the guest author for that year.  Prior to 1985 the Banff  Book Discussion Weekend was under the umbrella of the University of Calgary and they provided professors from the U. of Calgary to make presentations on one book being discussed that weekend.

AuthorYearBook Title
Achebe, Chimea1977Things Fall Apart
Adamson, Gil *2012The Outlander
Adiga, Aravind2011White Tiger
Albee, Edward1972The American Dream
Ali, Monica2007Brick Lane
Anderson – Dargatz, Gail*1998The Cure for Death by Lightning
Ardrey, R.1968African Genesis
Atwood, Margaret1999Alias Grace
1981The Edible Woman
1988The Handmaid’s Tale
Austen, Jane1994Mansfield Park
Badami, Anita Rau2009Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?
Baldwin,J.1965The Fire Next Time
Benioff, David2017City of Thieves
Beresford-Howe1989The Book of Eve
Birdsell, Sandra * Guest Author2003The Russlander
Bergson Henri1964The Creative Mind
Bissoondath, Neil1992A Casual Brutality
Booth, Martin2013A Very Private Gentleman
Boyden, Joseph2009Three Day Road
Brink, Andre1989A Dry White Season
Bronte,Emily1997Wuthering Heights
Butala, Sharon *2008The Girl in Saskatoon
Burnham, J.1971The Machiavellians
Camus,A.1964The Fall
1966Exile and the Kingdom
1980The Outsider
Cary, J.1966The Horse’s Mouth
Cathers, Willa2014My Antonia
Chang, Jane2022Library of Legends
Chekhov, A.1984Ward 6
Chevalier, Tracy2003The Girl with the Pearl Earring
Choy, Wayson2004The Jade Peony
Clarke, A.1971The City and the Stars
Clark, Joan *2016The Birthday Lunch
Coady, Lynn *2021Watching you Without Me
Collins, Wilkie2012The Moonstone
Conrad,J.1966Heart of Darkness
Courtney, Bryce2004The Power of One
Cowan, Shannon*2002Leaving Winter
Crane, S.1969The Red Badge of Courage
Crummey, Michael2016Sweetland
Davidson, Andrew *2014The Gargoyle
Davies,Robertson1982What’s Bred in the Bone
1979/2020Fifth Business
deBeauvoir, S.??The Second Sex
1979Les Belles Images
De Rosnay, Tatiana2012Sarah’s Key
Diamant, Anita2003The Red Tent
Dickens,C.1990?Hard Times
Dickens, Charles2008A Tale of Two Cities
Doerr, Anthony2016All the Light We Cannot See
Doerr, Harriot1992Stones of Ibarra
Drabble, Margaret1988The Realms of Gold
Doige, Norman2019The Brains way of Healing
Eliot, G.1985Mill on the Floss
Eliot, T.S.??The Hollow Men
???Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
Endicott, Marina *2009Good to A Fault
Esquivel, Laura1995Like Water for Chocolate
Fairbairn, Ann2013Five Smooth Stones
Fallis, Terry * Virtual2020The Best Laid Plans
Findley, Timothy1982The Wars
1994Not Wanted on the Voyage
1997The Piano Man’s Daughter
Flanery, Patrick2015Absolution
Forster, E.M.1965Passage to India
Fowler, J.1985?The French Lieutenant’s Woman
Frankel, Victor1972Man’s Search for Meaning
Fromm, Erich1965The Art of Loving
??May Man Prevail
Fry, Alan??The Revenge of Annie Charlie
Galloway, Steven2105The Cellist of Sarajevo
Galsworthy, John2000A Man of Property
Gide, A.1984The Immoralist
Glover, Douglas2009Elle
Goto, Hiromi * Guest Author1997Chorus of Mushrooms
Govier, Katherine2008Three Views of Crystal Water
Grenville, Kate2010The Secret River
Grove, F.P.1979Fruits of the Earth
Gulland, Sandra* (2011)2006The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B
2011Mistress of the Sun
Guterson, David1998Snow Falling on Cedars
Haley, Susan1989Getting Married in Buffalo Jump
Halvorson,Marilyn1993Let It Go
Hamid, Mohsin2020The Reluctant Fundamentalist
Hardy, Thomas1996Under the Greenwood Tree
Hay, Elizabeth  * 2018His Whole Life
Hawthorne, Nathaniel2010The Scarlet Letter
Herr, Michael1985Dispatches
Hess, H.1972Siddhartha
1983Narcissus and Goldmund
Holt, S.1967Terror in the Name of God
Hugo, Victor * Dr. James Black U. of C.1986The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Hulme, Keri1994The Bone People
Hertmans, Stefan2019War and Turpentine
Irving, John1991A Prayer for Owen Meany
Itani, Frances *2011The Company We Keep
Ishiquro, Kazuo1992The Remains of the Day
Johnson, Jane2013The Tenth Gift
Jolley, Elizabeth1991The Well
Jones, Lloyd2011Mr. Pip
Joyce, Rachel2014The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
Jung, C.G.1969The Undiscovered Self
Kawabata, Yasunari1982The Sound of the Mountain
Kazantzakis, N.1969Zorba the Greek
Kesey, K.1984One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Kidd, Sue Monk2017The Invention of Wings
Kierkegaard1964Fear and Trembling
Kimmel, Fran2022No Good Asking
King, Thomas1992Medicine River
Kingsolver, Barbara2005Poisonwood Bible
Kipling, Rudyard2002Kim
Kogawa, J.1984Obasan
Kriesel, H.1980The Rich Man
Krishnamurti1980The First and Last Freedom
Kundera, Milan1986The Farewell Party
Lam, Vincent2008Blood Letting and Miraculous Cures
Lawrence, D.H.1980Sons and Lovers
Mahfouz, Naquis2018Palace Walk
Lawrence, Margaret1982The Drummer of All The World
1985(short story) from The Tomorrow Tamer
1978Stone Angel
LeCarre, Jean2007Absolute Friends
Lee, Harper2006To Kill a Mocking Bird
Lessing, D.1981Memoirs of a Survivor
Letts, Billie2002The Honk and Holler Opening Soon
Lively, P.1990Moon Tiger
MacIntyre, Linden *2013The Bishop’s Man
Maclean , Norman1993A River Runs Through It
MacLennan, H.1983Voices in Time
1967The Watch That Ends the Night
1978Two Solitudes.
2001Barometer Rising
MacLeod, Alistair*(2006)2002 & 2006No Great Mischief
Martell, Yann2005Life of Pi
Marty, Sid *2007Switchbacks
Maugham, W. S2003The Painted Veil
McCourt, Frank2000Angela’s Ashes
McEwen, Ian2007Saturday
McLuhan, Marshall1968Understanding Media
Marquez, C.G.1993Chronicles of a Death Foretold
Meninger, K.1968Man Against Himself
Michaels, Anne *1999Fugitive Pieces
Miller, Walter, Jr.1985Canticle for Liebowitz
Mistry, Rohinton1993Such a Long Journey
1998A Fine Balance
Mitchell, W. O.2022Who Has Seen The Wind
Moore,Brian2001The Magician’s Wife
Moriarty, Laura2016The Chaperone
Morrison, Toni1999Beloved
Munro, Alice1988The Progress of Love
Naipaul, V.S.1983Bend in the River
Nietzsche1973Beyond Good and Evil
Niven, Catherine Simmons *2005A Fine Daughter
Nixon, Rosemary *1995The Cock’s Egg
Noah, Trevor2021Born a Crime
Oliva, Peter * Guest Author1996Drowning in Darkness
O’Neill, G & N1973Open Marriage
Ondaatje, Michael * Dr. Susan Dorscht U. of C.1989In the Skin of the Lion
Ondaatje, Michael2021Warlight
Ostenso, Martha1995Wild Geese
Orwell, G.1972Keep the Aspidistra Flying
Parkinson1972Parkinson’s Law
Patchett, Anne2005Bel Canto
Paton, A.1981Cry the Beloved Country
Pearl, Matthew2018The Last Dickens
Peter, L.J. & Hull,R.1971The Peter Principle
Pieper, J.1975Leisure, the Basics of Culture
Pirsig, R.1983Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Proulx, E. Annie1996The Shipping News
Rees, Roberta *2004Beneath the Faceless Mountain
Ricci,Nino1995Lives of the Saints
Richardson, Bill *2000Bachelor Brother’s Bed and Breakfast
Richler, M.1976The Incomparable Atuk
Robinson, J.1965Honest to God
Roland, S.& Graham, G.1967Dear Enemies
Ross, Sinclair1999As For Me and My House
Rushdie, Salmon2001The Moor’s Last Sigh
Russel, B.1971Has Man a Future
1966Marriage and Morals
1967In Praise of Idleness
Ryga, George1981The Ecstasy of Rita Joe
Sapergia, Barbara1986Dirt Hills Mirage
Sawyer, Robert *2010Wake
Schumacher, E.F.1978Small is Beautiful
Segal, E.1982Love Story
Selvadurai, Shyam2015The Hungry Ghosts
Shattuck, Jessica2020The Women in the Castle
Shaw, G.B.1969Man and Superman
1964St. Joan
Shelley, M.1983Frankenstein
Sinclair, L.1969Socrates
Smith, L.1972Killers of the Dream
Solzhenitsyn, A.1979Warning to the West
Steinbeck, John2004The Grapes of Wrath
Steiner, G.1979Nostalgia for the Absolute
Stegner, Wallace1989Angle of Repose
2000Crossing To Safety
Stenson, Fred*2001The Trade
Stone, I.1974Clarence Darrow For The Defence
Swift, Graham2011Last Orders
Swift, J.1978Gulliver’s Travels
Tan, Amy1992The Joy Luck Club
Taylor, G.R.1971The Biological Time Bomb
Tey, Josephine1990Daughter of Time
Thomas, Dylan1983Under Milkwood
Thomas, Lewis1987Lives of a Cell
Tillich, P.1990The Courage To Be
Toews, Miriam2021Women Talking
Trafford, Tyler*2015Almost A Great Escape
Trollope, Anthony2018The Warden
Vanderhaeghe, Guy2006The Last Crossing
Van Herk, Aritha *1985Tent Peg
Vermette, Katherina *2019The Break
Verghese, Abraham2012Cutting For Stone
Vine, Barbara1996Asta’s Book
Wagamese, Richard (Sandi Boucher in his place)*2017Medicine Walk
Walker, Alice1991The Temple of My Familiar
Weiner, Eric2017The Geography of Bliss
Wharton, Thomas*1997Icefields
White, Patrick1988Fringe of Leaves
Wilde, O.1979The Picture of Dorian Gray
Wilder, Thornton1993The Bridge of San Luis Rey
Wilson, Colin1978The Outsiders
Wilson, Ethel1994Swamp Angel
Winters, Ben H.2019Underground Airlines
Winton, Tim2014Cloudstreet
Wolfe, Tom *Dr. Adriena Kertzer1990Bonfire of the Vanities
Wright, Lauralie*1987The Suspect
Wyndham, John1982The Chrysalids
Xianran2010Sky Buriel

* Denotes Guest Speaker