The Four Discussion Books – 2020

Here are the four books selected for 2020.  They are all wonderful reads and will lead to interesting discussions.  Looking forward to the 59th Banff Book DiscussionWeekend.  Terry Fallis is our guest author of the novel The Best Laid Plans– looking forward to our “conversations with Terry“.

 This was Germany, with German women who were rebelling against Hitler.
“As I have grown older my bias–the oddly recurrent themes of history, which are also the themes of myth–has asserted itself, and why not?”
– Robertson Davies, Fifth Business
“[An] elegant and chilling little novel… Hamid’s novel…  Aptly captures the ethos and hypocrises of the Ivy League meritocracy…  [With] an Arabian Nights-style urgency… The fundamentalist, and potential assassin, may be sitting on either side of the table.” —The New York Times

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