How to Register – 2019

Paying by Cheque

In the past we had a brochure that participants printed out, completed their registration information and mailed in to our registrar, along with their cheque.  We have removed the requirement of printing the brochure.

  • On-Campus Fee includes 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts and 1 supper, snacks and a portion of accommodation cost is allocated to the use of the meeting/discussion rooms –  $335
    • Off-Campus fee include two lunches at the Vista Room restaurant, snacks and use of the facilities at the Banff Centre i.e.  meeting/discussion rooms – $290
    • NOTE: The Banff Centre has changed the fee structure for conference bookings.  Your room rate covers accommodation only – no meals. Your Banff Book Discussion Weekend Registration Fee includes the cost of your meals for the weekend.  The combined cost hasn’t increased dramatically but the registration fee for on-campus participants has been increased to cover meal costs. 

Step 1 – Complete registration

Step 2 – Complete payment

Step 3 – Arrange for accommodation either at the Banff Centre or Hotel/B and B

Step 1. Complete the digital registration form below.

on campusoff campus
Yes, I would be willing to facilitate a discussion

Will you be mailing a cheque to our registrar?




The digital registration form will be sent to our registrar and you will receive confirmation.

Step 2.  Mail your cheque to


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