How to Register – 2019

Step 1. Register for the Weekend

In the past we had a brochure that participants printed out and mailed in with their cheque.  We have removed the requirement of printing the brochure.

Option 1. Paying by Cheque –  Step 1. Complete the registration form below.  Step 2. Mail your cheque to the our registrar.

BBDW Registrar

174 – 99 Arbour Lake Rd NW

Calgary, Alberta

T3G 4E4

The digital registration form will be sent to our registrar and you will receive confirmation.

Option 2. Paying by Credit Card or by Pay Pal Step 1.  Complete the registration form.  Step 2. Pay using Credit Card or PayPal using the payment button below.  The registrar will notify you by email of your registration and provide a receipt of payment.

on campusoff campus

Yes, I would be willing to facilitate a discussion


Registration Fees
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Step 2. Arrange for your Accommodation

Option 1. On-Campus at the Banff Centre

NOTE: The Banff Centre has changed the fee structure for conference bookings.  Your room rate covers accommodation only – no meals. Your Banff Book Discussion Weekend Registration Fee includes the cost of your meals for the weekend.  The combined cost hasn’t increased dramatically but the registration fee for on-campus participants has been increased to cover meal costs.  The following is the link to register at the Banff Centre.

Option 2.  Off-Campus*– arrange your accommodation at one of the hotels or  B & B’s  in Banff.

*  Off-Campus fee include two lunches at the Sally Borden restaurant, snacks and use of the facilities at the Banff Centre i.e.  meeting/discussion rooms.
* On-Campus Fee includes 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts and 1 supper, snacks and a portion of accommodation cost is allocated to the use of the meeting/discussion rooms.

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