BBDW 2019

May 24 – 26, 2019

Featured Author: Katherena Vermette

Discussing The Break, a powerful inter-generational family saga
that provides insight into the lives of contemporary Indigenous people in Winnipeg’s North End.


Other books discussed will be:

War and Turpentine, by Stefan Hertmans .
Based on the experience of the author’s grandfather, this novel
gives a minute account of
the frontlines of World War I as seen through the eyes of a
sensitive young Flemish artist.

The Brain’s Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and
Recoveries from the Frontiers
of Neuroplasticity by Norman Doidge.
Written in a style accessible to non-medical readers, this book
tells stories of ways in which
the latest brain science is being used to alleviate and cure a
wide variety of human illnesses
including chronic pain, autism, dementia and Parkinson’s
Underground Airlines by Ben H. Winters.
This wickedly imaginative thriller explores issues of race in our
modern world by creating
a what-if alternative reality, with a twisting engaging plot.

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